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Skye Steele Joins Forces with Asymmetrical Press on Word Tasting Tour

Folk art songwriter, Skye Steele, joins forces with authors from Asymmetrical Press on the upcoming 42 city Word Tasting tour which starts on May 1 at a series of bookstores across America. Steele, whose lyrical content unfolds as a story of his own telling, will play a set of songs from his 2015 album release, Up From The Bitterroot, as well as live-scoring passages during select author’s readings.


Asymmetrical Press is doing in the literary world what Indie labels started doing in music a few decades ago: circumventing the traditional gatekeepers, working from the grassroots to develop a following by doing it their own way. Steele says, “They're cultivating relationships with indie bookstores, hitting the road and touring a lot, and building it up from the ground, just like we do as independent musicians.” Comprised of Steele, along with novelists (Josh Wagner and Shawn Mihalik), a professional vagabond philosopher (Colin Wright), and a duo of essayists (Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus of The Minimalists), the Word Tasting tour will present an evening of stories, reflections, ideas, and songs to flavor the mind and nourish the spirit.

Last fall, Steele and novelist Josh Wagner, an old friend from Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, had the idea of touring together when they realized that Wagner’s new novel, Shapes The Sunlight Takes, was to be released the same day as Steele’s Up From The Bitterroot. Asymmetrical Press took the idea and ran with it, creating the Word Tasting Tour. Skye’s 2014 summer tour landed him at several bookstores, a natural fit for the songwriter who not-so-coincidentally also holds a Creative Writing degree. Skye says, “Up From The Bitterroot in particular is so much about reflection and the inner life of the mind-- presenting the songs in a room full of books feels really right. As I songwriter I aspire to deal with language on the level of my favorite authors: to achieve the flow and lyricism of Wallace Stevens, Li-Young Lee, or fellow Brooklyner, Walt Whitman; to paint characters and situations with the depth of Raymond Carver or William Faulkner.”

Tour Dates

05.01 Shakespeare and Co. - Missoula, MT
05.02 Chapter One Books - Hamilton, MT
05.04 The Bookshelf - Kalispell, MT
05.05 Montana Book and Toy Co. - Helena, MT
05.07 Billings Public Library - Billings, MT
05.09 Barnes & Noble - Great Falls, MT
05.10 Shelf Life Books - Calgary, Canada
05.11 Audrey's Books - Edmonton, Canada
05.14 Vancouver Public Library - Vancouver, Canada
05.15 Russell Books - Victoria, Canada
05.18 Third Place Books - Seattle, WA
05.20 Last Word Books - Olympia, WA
05.24 TaborSpace - Portland, OR
05.26 Bloomsbury Books - Ashland, OR
05.29 Grassroots Books - Reno, NV
05.30 1600 Broadway - Sacramento, CA
06.01 Pegasus and Pendragon Books - Berkeley, CA
06.02 The Booksmith - San Francisco, CA
06.03 The Crepe Place - Santa Cruz, CA
06.05 The Last Bookstore - Los Angeles, CA
06.07 Upstart Crow Bookstore and Coffeehouse - San Diego, CA
06.09 Changing Hands Bookstore - Temple, AZ
06.10 Mostly Books - Tucson, AZ
06.12 Bookworks - Albuquerque, NM
06.13 Collected Works Bookstore - Santa Fe, NM
06.15 Bookbar - Denver, CO
06.17 Wolverine Farm Bookstore - Fort Collins, CO
06.19 Scarlow's Gallery - Casper, WY
06.20 Pioneer Books - Provo, UT
06.22 Weller Books Works - Salt Lake City, UT
06.23 Rediscovered Bookshop - Boise, ID
06.25 Auntie's Books - Spokane, WA


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