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Skinny Blonde Announces June 3 EP Release

With a name that represents a false ideal and a voice that is disillusioned but not at all down, Manhattan artist Skinny Blonde finds the juxtaposition between darker storytelling and pop melody on the debut EP, City Girls, due out June 3. Hip hop beats and lo-fi surf vibes surround the first single, “King,” which is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

“King” sounds like a hip-hop music box that contrasts heavy subject matter with a light and airy summer melody. Smooth bass lines and a bouncy, retro keyboard keep the beat as Michael Turzilli’s distinct baritone vocals croon “Oh I love to be the king” with a somber but open vulnerability that showcases his blending of musical styles. “It’s a scary realization when you move to New York and realize that there are countless other young musicians with the same influences as you, doing the same thing as you, trying to find their way. It gets overwhelming,” Turzilli, the musical mind behind Skinny Blonde, says. “I think it’s inevitable that narcissism finds its way into the picture because the whole idea of ‘I'm special, I deserve this’ gets smashed, and we use that narcissism as a way to try to get it back.” 

City Girls explores the dense community of artists in New York with a sharp and realistic tongue. Turzilli examines the ego-driven artistic process, not leaving anyone free from critique - not even himself. Songs like “Anything But Me” blame the external world for his own shortcomings, while others like “Just Go” reflect on the inevitable lack of communication that comes with the early stages of dating. Make no mistake, City Girls is not a break-up EP, but rather a criticism on everyday observations in a city that chews most individuals up and unapologetically spits them out.

City Girls Track Listing

  1. King
  2. Artist
  3. Just Go
  4. Lily
  5. Anything But Me

About Skinny Blonde:

Skinny Blonde is the musical alias of 22-year old New York student and resident Michael Turzilli. Often satirical in nature, Turzilli’s music draws the line between taking ourselves too seriously and not taking ourselves seriously enough. His debut EP, City Girls, draws inspiration from reading, painting, performing, dating and the very streets of New York. After dealing with severe addiction, Turzilli got sober and found healing in music. The resulting mixture is Skinny Blonde.


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