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Simon Lunche Announces Single, "Marigolds"

The new single from soul pop artist Simon Lunche drifts with a caramel groove like velvety clouds roving through a golden sunburst sky. The guitar melodies on “Marigolds” ooze a soulful glaze off of each chord as they gather in a deep oasis of lively bass licks. The single is a playful game of infatuation that bursts with the excitement of falling for a forbidden love, both unknown and familiar. While caution is key and mystery flirts with attraction, “Marigolds” frolics in the sheer thrill of endearment and irresistibility accentuated by the uplifting, flirtatious background vocals. The single is out for release on March 28, 2019.

“Marigolds” exuberates temptation that lures in the eager heart as it dances with desire. It encapsulates the merriment of having a crush that won’t quit, the law of attraction pulling two souls closer together. Yet, despite the magnetizing energy, another relationship sits in the way of these two forces becoming one. Cheerful, bolstering rhythms swoon throughout, pattering with momentum to fight the urge to give into desire. Hand-claps and bouncing guitar animate each chorus as jazzy drum beats restfully simmer in the background. Each light tap of the snare dances with Lunche’s silky vocals in a flattering groove. “Marigolds” stews with intrigue as the heart teeters back and forth between right and wrong.

Lunche has packed a near lifetime of musical experience into just 20 years. Along with taking up the guitar at age five, and soon becoming the youngest endorsed artist in the history of Gibson Guitars, he's built a vast musical knowledge which includes composing all of the instrumental parts for all of his songs. His creamy, shimmering sound comes from a beautiful, vintage ‘56 Stratocaster that he spent his entire college savings on without hesitation. Lunche writes from the heart and plays with his soul. When on stage, he attributes his inspiration to the common language of music that supersedes any language barriers.


About Simon Lunche

Simon Lunche is a soul pop musician from Berkeley, California. His singles, “Cherry Wine,” and “Marigolds” were mixed by multi-Grammy award winner Dave Reitzas. “Marigolds,” his most recent single, features bass by Sean Hurley (John Mayer), Drums by Aaron Sterling (John Mayer, Taylor Swift), and back-up vocalists Tiffany Palmer (John Mayer) and Brandon Winbush (Patti Labelle, Tori Kelly), as well as mastering by Brian Lucey (Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, The Shins, Ray LaMontagne). Lunche was named youngest ever “Gibson Guitar Artist” at the age of 13, and “One to Watch” by LIVE 105/CBS SF 2016. He has shared the bill with Josiah Johnson and lead members of Head and The Heart. Lunche’s full album is out this May.

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