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Sharaya Mikael Releases "3 Ft. From Gold" MP3

Sharaya Mikael Press Photo by Nakesha MorganWhy stop now? The best adventure could be just beyond that hill.

Americana artist Sharaya Mikael captures that road-weary but hopeful feeling in her first single from her forthcoming Rush EP, "3 Ft. From Gold". Beginning with gentle acoustic guitar and Mikael's evocative alto, the song gradually moves to a more driving tone taking the listener along on the road trip. There's a reason for this imagery, as Mikael reveals the inspiration behind the song. She and her friend Ally Spotts had embarked on a 50 state road trip which was filled with self-booked shows for Mikael and priceless opportunities for Spotts to gain writing experience. "When I was on the 50 state tour, Ally and I stopped in Colorado in a gold mining town and I considered how the gold miners never knew when they would strike gold, but they kept digging," she says. "The thought occurred to me that in life we so often give up too soon just when we could have been so close to 'striking gold'. It's for anyone who is thinking about giving up, on a dream, on a relationship, or on life in general." Strike gold!

Download "3 Ft. From Gold" now!

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