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Shades Announces July 31 Album Release


“Shades is a really new band that people are buzzing about”-Corban Goble - Stereogum


 Shades releases their upcoming self-released album Common Desire on July 31, 2015. The lush melodic arrangements of the band have been categorized into some of the more recently forged genre scaffolds such as electronica, chillwave, and dream pop.


Shades is affiliated with the concept of synesthesia, that is, the process of hearing colors or tasting sounds.  Common Desire hypnotizes audiences with shades of royal purple ambiance, golden melodies, and deep blue basslines. Shades states, “The main theme for the album is color and how it correlates with each and every song.”  From immersive sound and color that fill your senses to the album's signature woozy crunch, Common Desire is sure to satisfy the tastes of electronic music fans as well as eclectic glo-fi vibe seekers.  


In the new single “Time Back,” Shades takes you through the pains of nostalgia where a moment of a sweet memory can serve as heartache in contrast with the modern day struggles we all live with. Shades say “I think when you're in those stressful or lonely positions those memories serve as a sweet but dark fix.” With the songs’ alluring synth line and the melodic tones, “Time Back” is perfectly suited for a warm summer night drive home thinking of how “time slipped through the cracks and ever since we've been trying to get it back.”


Common Desire Track Listing


  1. Fragile

  2. Balloon

  3. Gasp

  4. No Other Way

  5. Feel

  6. No Pressure

  7. Time Back

  8. Brief Escape

  9. Dark Tide

  10. Desert Eyes

  11. Lost Kids

  12. Smoke Screen

  13. Still Moons

  14. Wrive



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