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Sean Pawling Announces Single, "Rio Grande"

The new single from LA’s Sean Pawling accompanies a Central American immigrant woman trying to get across the US border, and highlights her dogged determination for a better life. “Rio Grande” centers around trombone melodies expanding across the track to create a vast, open landscape set before the protagonist’s journey. The single is off of the upcoming album, Sunsinking, due out January 25 on R-Team Duo Recordings.

Pawling wrote “Rio Grande” as a tribute to the traditions of people, especially women, who embark on the dangerous mission of crossing the border into the United States. The significance of highlighting the dogged struggle of migrant women has never been more timely. Engulfing the bottom layer of the single’s musical anatomy is a dense walking bass line which provides stability, fullness, and supports a cascading trombone melody that adds exuberant richness to the myriad of instrumentation. A panning electric guitar syncs up with a low-registered horn line as waves of soaring synth wade in the deep pools of sound.

As the album title implies, Sunsinking ricochets lightness into the dark and everywhere in between. Pawling says, “I’m proud that the multiplicity and diversity of California are represented in my music--from the acoustic sounds reminiscent of the woods and mountains to the gritty synthesized sounds of the city to the brass parts evocative of mariachi and classical music.” The album has many cyclical themes, one being the title itself, Sunsinking, which represents the constant rotation and movement from day to night. The familiar cycle of the Earth rotating to create the constant transition from light to dark on the world is represented musically on the album. Songs like, the previously released “100 Lives”, “Rio Grande” and “San Simeon” use poppy synthesizers and vocal effects to create a more blissful, lustering sound, while “Overture”, “Last In Line”, “Heavy Eyes”, and “Sunsinking”, ”use more natural, earthy sounds to evoke moods mired in mystery. The cyclical process of life and loss is also woven into the album. Within those themes of death and rebirth, Pawling mirrors the nature of humanity with nature itself.


About Sean Pawling:

Sean Pawling is a multi-instrumentalist from South Lake Tahoe who has lived in Los Angeles for the past 15 years. Pawling has been a musician since childhood and studied trombone at the University of California Los Angeles, University of Southern California, and The Colburn School. He has performed as a trombonist at The Greek Theatre, Disney Concert Hall, Royce Hall, Chicago’s Ravinia Festival, and New York’s Lincoln Center. His first EP, Inner Child, was released in 2011, and his first LP, Eye for an Eiger, in 2014. The new album, Sunsinking, is out in January 2019 and being released on R-Team Duo Recordings.


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