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Ruth Acuff Announces Single, "Peace"

Indie folk artist and professional harpist, Ruth Acuff, releases the tension in the world with her new holiday single, “Peace”. A gathering of strings mingles admiringly with Acuff’s harp patterns as they ease through the song, gently layering one tranquil note after another. Plush arrangements create a wave of comfort, cleansing the sadness that the holidays can bring, leaving one feeling renewed and recharged. “Peace” is out November 23.

“Peace” uplifts the grieving soul and expands its beaming light from behind a dark cloud. Acuff wrote the single knowing that the holidays are not always cheerful and joyous. Inspired by the political tension in the world and the general gloominess of wintering weather, “Peace” is a cathartic, inspirational mantra to seek serenity from within and shift oneself forward. Acuff layered multiple vocal parts, which she describes as a “choir of angels”, and they chime behind her lead melody to create an ethereal hymn blanketing like a freshly fallen snow. Although the single is not a typical holiday narrative, the harp sparkles atop a ringing tambourine and sleigh bells, creating a wintry atmosphere. The holidays can hit heavy and blow in like a blizzard, but “Peace” stands with humanity to weather the storm.


About Ruth Acuff:

Ruth Acuff is a singer-songwriter and professional harpist from Columbia, Missouri. Acuff emphasizes her songwriting with an introspective approach, creating thought-provoking lyrics, while also being heavily inspired by the natural landscapes of her hometown. Acuff has fronted psychedelic rock band, The Royal Furs, and alternative folk rock band, Rutherford. As a solo artist, Acuff has released three EPs: Paisley (2011), Tree (2012) and To The Moon (2014), and one full-length album, This is the Dream in 2013. Her new holiday single, “Peace”, was recorded in her home studio. Acuff began playing the harp in her twenties and is a member of the American Harp Society. “Peace” comes out late November 2018.

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