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Robin Jackson Announces November 3 Album Release

The upcoming album from award-winning multi-instrumentalist Robin Jackson, Dark Stars, combines lyrical clarity and architecture of melody in a way that feels like a rainy afternoon in Portland. It’s a stretched canvas waiting for a splash of life. The album, due out November 3, was partially recorded at Portland’s legendary Type Foundry Studio (The Decemberists, REM, Modest Mouse). The first single, “Drifting at Sea” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

Jackson pulls from a wide catalogue of musical palettes including saxophone, acoustic guitar, piano, organ, violin, cello, rich harmonies, and punctually-placed whistles. Even with this vaudevillian cocktail bubbling at the helm, the album’s underlyings meaning refers to the process of alchemizing something painfully hard and sad into something beautifully new and inspiring. Jackson explains, “The theme of much of my music is about the process of how art and music can be redemptive in nature.”

“Drifting at Sea” is a whimsical lament on being left behind in love. It expresses a dichotomy of wanting space while still craving love’s connection. The melody floats through a melancholy thought-cloud of aching strings and wandering piano lines, with a well-placed harmony garnishing each chorus. It feels like a conversation that’s melted into a one-sided daydream of hindsight’s tempered embrace. The gentle sway is dusky and dark with every emotion shining like a lighthouse guiding the melody home.

Dark Stars Track Listing

  1. Lady Wisconsin
  2. Drifting at Sea 
  3. Back to Your Door
  4. Yellow Gardenias 
  5. Gospel and Grain
  6. Bridge of Saint Johns
  7. Tears for the Soul 
  8. Saint Valentine
  9. Ghost Under My Skin
  10. Dark Stars

About Robin Jackson

Robin Jackson is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Portland, OR. He began learning several instruments at the age of five. From 2002-2014, Jackson was a key member and composer of the dark boho-cabaret band, Vagabond Opera; and also composed and toured with Marchfourth Marching Band. The first incarnation of his current band was in 2012 after releasing Dust Diaries. Jackson has performed at an extensive list of venues in the United States and all over Europe. He has also performed and recorded with notables acts such as Gregory Alan Isakov, Emancipator, Devotchka, and Amanda Palmer. His upcoming album, Dark Stars, was recorded in the legendary Type Foundry Studio and is due out November 3.

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