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Reverend Screaming Fingers Announces Single, "No Destination"

The new single from Reverend Screaming Fingers snakes its way through an ancient desert sand. “No Destination” was composed for a three screen road trip projection piece by Joshua Tree artist Diane Best. It is a simmering, picturesque companion to a desolate open road, taken from the upcoming album Music for Driving and Film, Vol. III, out November 30.

“No Destination” moves like a fever dream. Its rise and fall dances with a melodic guitar as the blistering day turns to sacred night. Through measures of wavering chords that wash against the stanza’s canvas, and a drum beat the grooves with punctuated syncopation, the song becomes an aching story. It’s easy to imagine a black Cadillac driving down a lonely road with a destination unknown. As it finally peels out of focus, we start to wonder, was it ever really there at all?


The upcoming album, Music for Driving and Film, Vol. iii (the desert years), is a product of the desert and western landscape, with all tracks either written and/or recorded in Joshua Tree. The soundscapes shift from Tarantino-esque moments of tension and drama, to more atmospheric ripples through calming Koi ponds. As the third installment in a series that spans 12 years, The Reverend - Lucio Menegon - took a more zen approach to his studio work and the record’s final polish. He explains, “It started out half a desert record, and half a New York record. The New York tracks were great, but I ultimately decided to write and record new pieces and give the album a cohesiveness that reflected my experience living and playing music in the high desert environment of Joshua Tree for the past five years. I think listeners will be able to understand what I am trying to get across as a composer and player and see the transition across the three albums.”


The album features contributions from Danny Frankel (drums - Victoria Williams, Lou Reed, KD Lang, Nels Cline), Wally Ingram (drums - Sheryl Crow, David Lindley), Victoria Williams (gujeng), Lisa Mednick Powell (keyboards - Julianna Hatfield), and Chris Unck (Musician/Producer - Pink, Lisa Loeb).

Music for Driving and Film, Vol. iii (the desert years) Track Listing

  1. No Destination
  2. Chapparal Kiss
  3. Dream of the Desperado
  4. Monsoon Gully
  5. Funereal
  6. Dance of the Dust Devil
  7. Yuma Interlude
  8. Lost Alien Highway
  9. Almost Home
  10. Rattler Ranch

About Reverend Screaming Fingers

Reverend Screaming Fingers (Lucio Menegon) is a musician, composer, and sonic artist. His film soundtrack and guitar-centric compositions have appeared in concert, films and festivals as diverse as MOFOM Prague to Sundance to The Joshua Treenial. His ambient and sound art improvisations cut a wide sonic path from contemplative to corrosive and have appeared at festivals from Stazione di Topolo, Italy to Sonic Circuits, DC to Sound Emissions in Beijing China. The upcoming album Music for Driving and Film, Vol. iii (the desert years) is the third installment in a 12 year series. It features contributions from Danny Frankel (drums - Victoria Williams, Lou Reed, KD Lang, Nels Cline), Wally Ingram (drums - Sheryl Crow, David Lindley), Victoria Williams (gujeng), Lisa Mednick Powell (keyboards - Julianna Hatfield), and Chris Unck (Musician/Producer - Pink, Lisa Loeb).

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