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Rebekah Rolland's Music Video for "Standing Still" Premieres on PopMatters

PopMatters is calling Rebekah Rolland's single, "Standing Still" "meditative Americana". They premiered her new music video for the single and got the scoop from Rebekah herself on the process of making it. 

"Built around a light-footed melody and wispy instrumentation, Rolland's subtle folk number effortlessly evokes nostalgic images of our landscapes' natural beauty. It's a song reliant on building up call-backs towards both memories held presently and those that we may have to reach a bit further back for to grasp, intent on eloquently weaving the tale of just how these people, places, and things all come together to influence our lives."

Rolland, a co-director of the video, put a lot of her own creative energy and visions into the video. It is a visual depiction of the hard work Rolland has put into her solo project, Seed & Silo, which "Standing Still" is a part of.

Rolland says, "With this whole album, I wanted it to center around this idea of memory, and just understanding that we've been shaped by the actions and decisions and lives of those before us so that we can learn from them and shape the lives of those who come after us. 

"These are songs that are very impressionistic in that they're like this string of images, this kind of hazy soundscape. That is what makes up the story—that standard rule of 'show rather than tell.'"

Rolland truly uses the video for "Standing Still" to stay consistent with the theme of preserving the memories that people have about particular places. She focuses on how events throughout history affect the world and the earth, and ultimately, the people who are influenced by these surroundings. 

You can watch the video for yourself here, and be sure to follow Rebekah on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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