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Public Jones to Release The Fall EP on January 10, 2012

Photo by Public Jones (Left to Right: Asghar Husain and Peter Kerekes)LA's Public Jones has the art of creating edgy, sexy electro pop down to a science. Following up the six-song EP which received airplay on KCRW, the latest album, The Fall, is a an eclectic mix of styles, moods and instrumentation, tied together by an attention to detail that could only come from science nerds. Slick 70s and 80s grooves combine seamlessly with world beats, crunchy guitars and serious-minded lyrics to form an album worth examining further. The Fall will be released January, 10, 2012.


The Fall Track Listing

1. The Only One
2. Famous
3. Charm
4. Dopamine
5. Alright
6. Star
7. Comfortable Noise
8. The Fall
9. These Things
10. Mustard
11. Disconnected

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