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Picking the Best Song for Your Spotify Playlist

The past few weeks I’ve focused on how to create and strengthen a Spotify playlist you create. This is the best tool a band can use when you have few followers, few accolades, no playlist activity outside your own, and virtually no media coverage.

You also want to make sure you’re setting yourself up to the best advantage. If you’re utilizing a playlist to get your own music heard, you should make sure you start with a song that has the best chance of being listened to repeatedly, shared on social media and shared on other playlists.

Below are a few angles you can try:


1. Select the Most Popular Song with the Most Plays

Start with the obvious and select a song that is receiving the most plays, since it’s clearly a song Spotify listeners are gravitating toward. Let that song be your anchor to create a themed playlist based around the song content or title. If it’s a break up song, create a heartbreak playlist with other songs that would fit well with the song you’re including. By including a song that already have some presence you can help build awareness with Spotify Playlist influencers while demonstrating you have a base and interest with listeners.


2. Include Songs Already Featured on Playlists

If you’re fortunate to already have a song or songs featured on Spotify playlists, let that be your starting point. This shows what playlisters already gravitate toward and will increase the chances others will follow. It also helps with official Spotify aggregators who look at how songs are gaining steam among playlists.


3. Include a Recently Released Single

If you’ve just released a new single use that to promote it while it’s fresh. This will be most beneficial from a media perspective with blogs who prioritize newly released singles over those that have been out for more than a month. By including this song in a playlist and promoting it for increased plays, you can potentially draw interest from music blogs who have Spotify playlists of their own.


4. Include a Song That Fits Into Popular Themes

“Workout songs” and any variation of exercise songs encouraging people to bust a move, are one of the top searched themes. If you’re fortunate enough to have a song that fits the bill, try creating a workout playlist. Others theme ideas could be love songs, heartbreak songs, songs that fit into a holiday, or current events.

Green Light Go: Determine your best song for Spotify playlist exposure and create a theme around it for your own playlist.

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