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Pauline Andres Announces Single, "Hoping for the Best at the Springwater Supper Club"

“Hoping For the Best at the Springwater Supper Club”, the new single from musician Pauline Andres, calls out to a distant love from the half-lit corner of a Nashville dive bar. Melodies capture daydreams of cigarette smoke aimlessly drifting away from the table’s ashtray. It pays homage to the notable local dive bar, the Springwater Supper Club. If the building had its own soundtrack, the single would embody the smooth, soulful twang that is embedded into every nook and cranny of the walls. “Hoping For the Best at the Springwater Supper Club” is out for release August 5.

“Hoping For the Best at the Springwater Supper Club” is one of several songs Andres wrote about emblematic Nashville dive bars. Surrounded by other gentrified bars of the city, The Springwater and its loyal patrons cling onto its charm, hoping to never see it fade under the spell of modern society. The gritty interior, the unreliable sound quality, and the rowdy bar stories all make it an oasis of authenticity for songwriters like Andres. Written at the Springwater Supper Club, the single oozes with lucid heartache and longing to be with someone hundreds, or even thousands of miles away. Thoughts of “what could have been” sway back and forth under neon lights as the whiskey sting settles in.

Musically, the single epitomizes the dark, cool, energy that swells behind the chipped walls and rickety floorboards of the Springwater. With oozing soul and leisurely tempo, trumpet, steel pedal, and dobro all stumble upon the open door, inviting themselves in to mingle with the classic Americana twang. Trumpeter David Peña adds a Mexican flare to the sound, further creating a sweltering, southern atmosphere. The pairing of uplifting trumpet with crooning steel pedal and Andres’ rugged vocals embodies both liveliness and serenity as day turns to night at the Springwater Supper Club.

About Pauline Andres:

Pauline Andres is an Americana artist born in France as a coal miner’s daughter in a family of Hungarian, Slovenian and Spanish descent. Andres has moved from London to Berlin, Paris to New York, and now Nashville, where she currently resides as a working songwriter and musician. Her latest release, Fearless Heart (2017) is the first of her endeavors since planting roots in Music City, and this summer she is set to release the first of her Dive Bar Tales, which features Dillon Napier (Margo Price band) and Andy Ellison (Jon Pardi, Brooks Dixon). Her single, “Hoping For the Best at the Springwater Supper Club,” will set the tone for a musical project that is all about capturing the essence of the local scene while telling stories of hope, longing, hard luck, and hard truths. “Hoping For the Best at the Springwater Supper Club encompasses all the ingredients that make the local alternative and Americana scene: heavy drinking, chain smoking, pieces of broken hearts mixed with common trash on the floor, and it set for release August 5, 2019.

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