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Paste Magazine Features Wes Youssi

Paste Magazine recently featured Wes Youssi's new album, Down Low, with a full review

In a world where country music has turned into AutoTuned songs about bros and bikinis, anyone who keeps things classic stands out like the most bedazzled of Nudie suits. While Hank Williams, George Jones and Jim Reeves are surely rolling in their graves any time someone turns on a “country” radio station, there is still hope for those who crave a traditional approach. If you’re of the opinion that country-crossover has crossed too far over, Wes Youssi and his Country Champs are with you. -Madison Desler

Youssi's album is due out January 19 on Never Lucky Records. Down Low  is the cathartic product of bar room brawls, unexpected lay-offs, a marriage, raising children, moving across the country, and unknowingly purchasing a police cruiser.

It’s a longing that will resonate with many—the same sentiment that should endear Youssi to those who like to keep their country music kosher. Down Low is an impressive and charming debut that goes down like a glass of ice-cold sweet tea. -Madison Desler

You can follow Wes Youssi on Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify

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