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Pale Green Things Announces Single, “Snakes”

The new single from lo-fi indie folk artist Pale Green Things, “Snakes”, is a shimmering breeze blowing and swaying through a forest of crystalline trees. With a steady heart beat rhythm wandering through the spunky musical landscape, its lyrics proclaim a warning of caution. “Snakes” is the second single off the upcoming album, The Beast in the Hearts of Men, out June 29. 

Jack Traynor, the artist behind Pale Green Things, wrote “Snakes” as a remedy against creating fear inside your own head. He explains, “There will always be people creating fear or taking advantage of the human desire to be part of a group or identity.” Though the inspiration comes from an eerie reality, the melody is anything but heavy. A vocal combination of male and female voices weave seamlessly into one another as an airy acoustic guitar sways like a carefree feather. “Snakes” is a juxtaposition of introspective and somber lyrics trailing along a buoyant sound engaging all of the senses.

Pale Green Things pays homage to themes of coming to terms with society and trying to break free on The Beast In The Hearts Of Men, recording the album simplistically in a single room. Traynor fills the air of his Manchester flat with the lush acoustic and digital sounds layering the walls where they reverberate and float into place on a ZOOM digital 8 track. Whimsical vocals trickle down a cascading acoustic waterfall, making an endearing mist of melody. Keyboard inflection rises up creating an eerie tone like fog atop the sparkling, mysterious waters below. Soft drum rattles rustle the still pool like the constant, soothing crash of a wave. Traynor’s lo-fi enterprise lingers on the skin like the tingle of cool air on the body after a warm bath. The album forms like goosebumps, giving a chilled, yet sensational consciousness.

About Pale Green Things

Pale Green Things (Jack Traynor) is a solo lo-fi indie folk act from Manchester, UK. After becoming disillusioned with the music industry, Traynor took time out by becoming a long distance van driver for two years. Travelling across the UK and Europe carrying anything from Motorbikes to Library exhibitions, Traynor found the time being away from music studios with nothing but a guitar and a toothbrush created the perfect writing environment. Pale Green Things has performed with Nine Black Alps, Dave McPherson, and played Noel Gallagher’s afterparty. The upcoming album, The Beast in the Hearts of Men, is due out June 29.

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