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Outsmart Magazine Features Colonial Blue As Cover Story

Outsmart Magazine features Houston's Colonial Blue on the cover of their latest issue. The interview with singer and guitarist Stephanie Rice talks about her experiences with coming out, leaving home, and how music helped every step of the way. 

What was it like getting up on stage to tell your truth through music for the first time?

After I moved to Houston, I started asking where the open mics were, and I was told Avant Garden. So I started there and then ended up playing at Fitzgerald’s, Té House of Tea, and anywhere else on the open-mic circuit. I would show up early just to get my name on the list. The biggest thing I can take away from that first performance was positive reinforcement. I didn’t have that before. I was now in this big city, all alone, and no one was telling me “good job” or reminding me that I could do it. At that time, my self-worth was at an all-time low. Though I was proud of myself for being true to myself, I didn’t have anyone there supporting me. Having people love my songs and love my voice, I feel like I gained back a little self-worth. Every time I performed, I felt a little better and I eventually gained my confidence back. Music really did mend all the broken pieces. 


Learn more about Colonial Blue and read the full interview by going to Outsmart Magazine.

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