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Orpheum Bell Releases “Whatever Shines So Bright” Free MP3 Available for Download Now

Forget everything you know about the ukulele. Ann Arbor’s Orpheum Bell rescues the uke from the world of lackadaisy strumming and makes it the driving force of their latest single, “Whatever Shines So Bright”. The track, a chorinho-style cautionary tale of temptation features the beautifully mixed uke, played by Aaron Klein and the playful duet between Katie Lee’s high lonesome soprano and Klein’s seductively gruff voice. Like a samba from a 40s musical, “Whatever Shines So Bright” is an example of what Orpheum Bell does best, play unique, compelling music very, very well. The track can be found on the band’s third full-length, The Old Sister's Home, due out May 8. Download “Whatever Shines So Bright” now!

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