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No Depression reviews Jodee Lewis' "Buzzard's Bluff"

Americana spitfire Jodee Lewis is bringing old school country vibes to all of us, and the folks over at No Depression took some time to recognize that. They gave a review of her album, Buzzard's Bluff, which came out on April 6th.

"Buzzard's Bluff is a survivor's guide to healing, through and through, and it deserves a spin or hundred."

Jodee offers a powerful stance of perserverance and some humor that drives one through their struggles. She has created a pallete for people to connect with, all while speaking her own story so strongly. 

"Country music has no shortage of artists who have been through the worst and lived to tell the tale. But it's not often that an artist gets through that crucible to produce art with the same sense of pride and determination as Jodee Lewis."

Read a more in-depth review of the album here. Follow Jodee around on social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify.

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