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No Depression Reviews Felsen

No Depression has a full review of the recently released album from Bay Area band, Felsen.

The album, Blood Orange Moon, delivers a new telepathic message through melody and lyric beamed directly from their late-night West Oakland studio. There the band’s grudge match takes place between analog synth and cello, acoustic guitar and Reagan era drum machine, glockenspiel and fuzz box, reverb and tremolo, loud and just quiet enough to hear the gong shimmer.  

"Favorite track? Can't pick one because they laid this puppy out so beautifully it builds from beginning to end. If I had to pick, it would be either “Unemployed in Chicago” or the title track. They hit the peak of psych for me, reminding me of Winterpills, Oasis and Norrish Reaction all rolled into one."

You can read the full review of Blood Orange Moon  right now. And don't forget to keep up with Felsen on Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify


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