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New MP3 Download From Ed Hale And The Transcendence Entitled "Solaris" Marries Soderbergh Film To Real-Life

The transforming power of art. It’s a familiar experience - an element in the work touches you so profoundly that it changes the way you look at life. “Solaris”, the second Free MP3 Download from Ed Hale and the Transcendence’s recently released concept album, All Your Heroes Become Villains, is the product of a perfect union between art and cinema. The band’s singer Ed Hale explains how the song also helped transform his grief over the loss of a good friend.

Download “Solaris” now:

In the song “Solaris” Ed Hale and company deliver a unique Britpop meets post-modern rock style that shines some light on the stage of their new apocalyptic rock opera, the much anticipated All Your Heroes Become Villains. The song was inspired in part the band says by the 2002 Steven Soderbergh film Solaris. In the Sci-Fi classic starring George Clooney, characters near the planet Solaris unwittingly summon replicas of their loved ones into existence. When Hale saw the movie soon after the death of one of his good friends, it’s no wonder that he made a connection to his loss:   

“Seeing that movie just knocked me out. It hit me at the right time. I had my guitar with me and while I was watching the film I just started strumming these chords and creating this song about my friend,” says Hale. “But I was also writing about the movie. It’s like I placed Julia into the movie in order to bring her back to life for myself. I just felt that because it was unbearable to contemplate her passing that at the very least I could make her alive in some other form, like she’s still living -- but in a different dimension.”

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