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Neutral Uke Hotel, Golden Bloom, and Michael J. Epstein in Concert Confessions!

Didn't make it to Sam Bonds Garage in Oregon for Neutral Uke Hotel, Golden Bloom, and Michael J. Epstein? That's alright - the good people over at Concert Confessions were there for you, to document the fun! Read and watch the night here!

From Concert Confessions:

"Neutral Uke Motel took the stage next. This again was pretty much the same band members, except Epstein came back up and Patlingrao took a seat. This Neutral Milk Hotel tribute band covered the album In the Areoplane Over the Sea. These guys did the album justice and the ukulele based compositions of the music was superb! Some of the songs that really kicked ass in that set were Two-Headed Boy and Communist Daughter. I also enjoyed Ghost and the bitchin‘ instrumental untitled album track. They finished the night off by playing songs from one of Michael J. Epstein’s projects and one from a Shawn Fogel project. The final song was another Neutral Milk Hotel cover called Song Against Sex, to send the bar patrons home too."

If you're on the East Coast, it's not too late to catch the final leg of their tour! Check out all the tour dates to see if they make it to your hometown!

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