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Neil Nathan's Obama Claymation Drag Race Video Zooms Toward 44,000 views In Honor of The 44th President's Second Term

Huffington Post calls it "A bizarre good time."

In honor of Obama's Second Term, Neil Nathan Inc. releases the Jumpstart Music Video off their acclaimed Power 2 The People Concept LP, Sweep The Nation. And like any 21st Century profit minded corporation in Earth's Global Village, they outsourced production to the tiniest of Asian Tigers, The Philippines.

In it, The Obama Twins, Hope and Change, drag race each other in an all out battle to see who will Win The Future. But obstacles abound in the form of  Fearless President Putin, Iranian President Ahmadenijad & His Nuclear Bomb, Angela Merkel & The Euro-Mobile, as well as The Republican Elephant & their radical counterparts, The Tea Party. But do not fret, for help is on the way from Israeli President Netanyahu, Chinese Leader Xi Jinping & His Gang of Dragons, and ultimately America's Man of Steel, Super Bill Clinton.

Neil is giving away the song for FREE!

Neil Nathan Inc.'s Power 2 The People Concept LP, Sweep The Nation, was recently featured in Magnet MagazineThe Vinyl District, and UK's No Ripchord Magazine

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