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Need A Little Summer Sun? Warm Up With A Free Sunny 60s Britpop MP3!

"...a brilliant band with some great tunes...."—BBC Radio - Andy Garland

Tunbridge Wells, Kent, U.K. (Nov. 10, 2011)Daylight Savings Time has ended, the days are growing shorter and we’re all yearning for summer again. Ross and the Wrongens, a U.K. quintet, with more than a hint of 60’s Brit pop to their sound, offers up “Summer Sun” to bring a little warmth back to the cold days. The tune, nominated for an Exposure Music Award (an organization dedicated to promoting the best new bands in the U.K.), has The Big Takeover’s Jack Rabid talking, “‘Summer Sun’ benefits from a little Kinks ‘Sunny Afternoon’/Left Banke ‘Bryant Hotel’/Turtles’ ‘Eleanor’ cadence, set off by a Madness-to-Supergrass piano and good-looking Ross Wrongen’s effective moan-sing yearning.”

The jazzy drumming and cheery Hammond accompanying bandleader Wrongen’s melancholic lament is the perfect mix of sweet and sour. “Summer Sun” is on Life in the Loos, the band’s first EP due out Dec. 12. Download “Summer Sun” now!

Despite the fact that the band has become infamous for their wacky antics and chaotic stage shows, Ross and the Wrongens is a serious band with a dedication to hard work and songs that echo the entire history of pop and a heavy emphasis on the Golden Age of 60’s AM radio. In addition to “Summer Sun”, “That Magic Feeling” was also nominated for an Exposure Music Award. Pepsi Max used the videos the band made for Life in the Loos, all filmed in public restrooms, as a sample of what they were looking for in their Max It Legends competition in 2010. They also used pictures of the band playing live in their online adverts for the competition, exposing the band to millions of potential fans.


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