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Naomi Wachira Announces June 2 Song of Lament Album Release

The upcoming afro-folk release from Kenyan native Naomi Wachira, Song of Lament, burns with empowerment. Tribal beats combine with rich harmonies and emotive lyrics to evoke a sense of  strength and unity. Wachira reinforces the universal language of music through colorful backgrounds. The upcoming album features Owuor Arunga on horns and Andrew Joslyn on strings (both have performed with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis). The first single “Beautifully Human” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

Now living in Seattle, Wachira was inspired to write Song of Lament after reading about 700 men, women, and children who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea while searching for a better life. The world can often feel like a volatile and dangerous place, especially in the negative shadow of unpredictable worldwide terror attacks. She says, “I felt so helpless watching people die needlessly, and I wanted to do something that would bring to light these issues, but in a way that would make people listen, reflect and think about what is actually happening. It was also a way of using music as a light in what has been really dark times.”

“Beautifully Human” comes from a message of hope. The upbeat reggae beat and simple Bob Marley like melodies express an uplifting message. The song says that no man or woman, regardless of their background should have to prove their right to life and happiness - we are all beautifully human. Wachira’s voice sways back and forth like a summer breeze that leads to the promise of a united and universal future.

Song of Lament Track Listing

  1. Our Days Are Numbered
  2. Up in Flames
  3. Beautifully Human
  4. Heart of a Man
  5. Where is God?
  6. Farewell
  7. Song of Lament
  8. I am Because You Are
  9. Run, Run, Run
  10. Mûrathîmwo
  11. Think Twice

Tour Dates

04/01/17 The Triple Door Seattle, WA

04/14/17 The Bartlett Spokane, WA

05/27/17 The Triple Door Seattle, WA

6/7/17 The Green Frog Bellingham, WA

6/15/17 Prosperity Pie Shoppe Portland, WA

6/18/17 Red Poppy Art House San Francisco, CA

7/28/17 Shrine Harlem, NY

About Naomi Wachira

Originally from Kenya, afro-folk singer Naomi Wachira nows lives in Seattle, Washington. She has released two EPs, African Girl (2012) and I am Because You Are (2015). Her full length self titled album was produced by Damien Jurado (2014). Wachira has played with Benjamin Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie), Mat Kearney, Valerie June, Nneka, and Shemekia Copeland. She has received recognition on Beehype (30 Best Tracks from Africa), 91.3 KBCS (Top 10 Recordings for 2014), and City Arts Magazine (Top 50 Soul Bands in Seattle). She was also named Seattle Weekly’s Best Folk Singer in Seattle in 2013. Her upcoming album features Owuor Arunga on horns and Andrew Joslyn on strings (both have performed with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis).


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