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Mountain Lions Announces Single, “In The Valley”

Like a smoldering, flickering flame, the new single from Mountain Lions burns with a soft translucent glow. “In The Valley” is a glimpse behind the obscure curtain of time. The lyrics talk about an abandoned farmhouse that is still standing after the owner’s death. From the dining room table where he learned how to eat, to the willow tree by the creek where he used to play, the slow passage of time tells a story where his home remains. Produced by Dave Douglas (Relient K) and Rob Parr (The Dear Hunter), it’s the second single off the upcoming album, We Are, out August 10. 

“In The Valley” moves like a cool breeze in the twilight hours of the day. Its musical foundation is set by Steven Diaz’s gentle, serene vocals that sway in between rolling acoustic guitar triplets, and an otherworldly ethereal drone. Just like the passage of time, the cadence has no meter or discernible pattern, yet its voice is every changing, and always moving forward. Diaz wrote the song as a reaction to attending a funeral. He explains, “It made me think about what they would have wanted in life and the afterlife. What happened to their possessions and what would they have preferred to do with those things? I have dealt with the death of loved ones starting at a young age, and find that though I ultimately remain afraid of death, I am more comfortable with it. I consider it as more of a doorway rather than a horror movie. This song brings up that idea and makes it a casual conversation about death. It’s like a man telling his son how he wants his own funeral to be.”

We Are is an escape from the outside world, and an invitation to go within. Like the chapters of a novel, each song tells a story as part of the whole, as the entire concept puts an honest truth to a play on words. “We Are Mountain Lions” speaks to the concept that Mountain Lions is made up of Artist and Audience, and the stories told belong to everyone. Diaz developed the concept to be an inclusive experience that goes beyond the musical nuances. From being the sole witness to a NYC subway performance on “A New Light”, to the enchanting love story between a man and mermaid on “Fishbone”, each story paints a vivid world to share. There is a level of emotional immersion that the record creates which remedies the lost art of making an album. Diaz explains, “I think that ‘the album’ has fallen out of style in an era of singles, but there is a sacred element that is not forgotten. I think I have captured a small piece of that in We Are, and I am excited about the impact of that for listeners.”

About Mountain Lions:

To date, Steven Diaz is most known as a contributing member of Cleveland indie rock band, The Lighthouse and the Whaler, who have been featured in USA Today, Paste, Consequence of Sound,, and NPR, and who toured extensively with Ra Ra Riot, Matt Pond PA, and Jukebox The Ghost. His new project, Mountain Lions, is an indie pop ensemble inspired by murmurings of Moog and marshland alike. The upcoming album, We Are, was produced by Dave Douglas (Relient K) and Rob Parr (The Dear Hunter), and is due out August 10.

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