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Black Book Premieres Moonbabies' Single

"Their sound varies from Shoegaze vibes to unrefined, static filled Electro Pop backed by dreamy soundscapes. Reinvigorated by Berlin's underground dance scene, Moonbabies decided to take their music in an entirely different direction, and thus far, we're loving the results." -Mathias Rosenzweig, BlackBook

Moonbabies release the next single, “Pink Heart Mother” off their upcoming album, Wizards on the Beach (due out April 28). Like a disco ball flooding the dance floor in washes of technicolor synth pop, the track from the Swedish husband wife duo, Ola Frick and Carina Johansson Frick, is a symbol for feminist rebellion and the liberation that comes from acting on it.

Told from the perspective of Ola’s mother, the song expresses the dichotomy behind the song’s meaning through Carina’s breathy, yet determined vocals folded into exuberant electro instrumentals. The instrumentals beckon and call to the yearning of a woman who rebelled against her current life situation as a mother where she felt trapped and ultimately chose to see the world instead. Carina simultaneously emotes that struggle along with the drive for freedom when she sings, “I had to change my mind and if you don't mind, I may be nuts if you don't mind. I had to take my ride and if you don't mind.” Although inspired by personal experience, it is not a song to be narrowly interpreted. Ola says, “It’s also a song about keeping on with the struggle because you are a fighter. Someday you will find peace and reach your goals.”

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