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Midnite on Pearl Beach Does Daytrotter

“A Cold Sun Against A Dappled Blue Canvas” --Daytrotter

With twenty-five bands and over 100 session songs each week to choose from Daytrotter has always been a place offering up the opportunity to discover your new favorite band. We are pleased to share with you Midnite on Pearl Beach’s foray into the Daytrotter world. This could be the gem you’ve been waiting for!

Check out the full session on Daytrotter -- And check out their new EP Bermuda by signing up for Digital Servicing.

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Justin Jahnke started Midnite On Pearl Beach in 2012 to continue his exploration of American music, shadowy rock and roll, and rose-colored rhythm and blues. Louisiana born and bred and presently living in Chicago, Jahnke cut his teeth playing guitar in Southern rock bands as a teenager and that organic, roots oriented, soulful Southern vein still figures heavily in his songwriting and singing, but Bermuda is much more nuanced than your run of the mill guitar album. It calls upon the conjurers of deep soul on one song and then deftly moves into surprisingly elegant rock and roll on the next.

Connect with Midnite on Pearl Beach on Facebook and Twitter.

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