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Michael J Epstein Memorial Library and Golden Bloom Cover Each Other Free mp3s Available Now

The earworm. It's a workplace hazard for pop music makers like Golden Bloom and Michael J Epstein Memorial Library, and one that they've tried to eradicate using an accepted remedy - recording covers. The two bands have recorded each other's songs and are releasing them into the unwitting ears of the world. "After touring last year with Golden Bloom, we all had their songs stuck in our heads, so after nights and nights of suffering with those catchy tunes keeping us awake, we set off to ritualistically remove them from our psyches by using the ancient art of recording covers," says Epstein. "It didn't work to expunge the pop demons, but we had fun doing it anyway."

Shawn Fogel as Golden Bloom has added his own spin to  MJEML's  haunting tale of a heroic shark astronaut, "Amylee," while MJEML has mixed some baroque pop into "You Go On (& On)". It's not the first time Fogel and Epstein have done the old switcheroo. "Mike and I had so much fun making the Golden Bloom vs. The Motion Sick split single a few years back, we couldn't wait to do it again!" says Fogel.

Download "Amylee"  & "You Go On (& On)" now!

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