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Matt Hectorne Announces January 19 Work Album Release

The recently released Americana single from Matt Hectorne, “Only Way into Your Heart” is an open letter of minor chord progressions and whiskey-drenched tension that drives an upbeat melody. The Wild Honey Pie calls his formula “simple, as it should be, but also highly inviting.” It is the first single off the upcoming album, Work, due out on January 19. “Only Way into Your Heart,” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

“Only Way into Your Heart” plays like an open letter of support and advice. The pedal steel plays center stage, creating a haunting, almost Gothic, vibe that swells and retreats before it glides and settles. Hectorne wrote the song for a friend that was going through a difficult patch of life. It weighed heavily on his mind and heart until the words bled from pen to paper. The duality between darker chords and an uplifting chorus create an infectious blend that encompasses the entire rhythm.

Memphis-born and Mississippi-bred, Hectorne understands the musical pedigree of his home states. He explains, “Growing up only twenty minutes from Memphis, less than an hour from the Delta and the Crossroads, didn’t really hit me until I was older. But I think I saw the humanity in music first; heart before head. People weren’t making music for any other reason than to emote and tell their story. And that has become a big part of the process for me.” He left the small conservative town and moved across country at a young age to find kindred souls in a quest to create his own take on the American catalog. The ensuing years saw Hectorne form bands, narrowly evade homelessness, and fall into a lifestyle of partying and scraping by. Now newly sober, Hectorne comes out of his 20s with a fresh perspective on a life of making art for a living, marriage, and our very existence as impermanent beings.

His newest album, Work, is a culmination of hard-earned lessons, growing up, and moving past life’s fruitless anxieties.

Work Track Listing

  1. It Don’t Matter at All
  2. Work
  3. Only Way into Your Heart
  4. Asking to Stay
  5. Come Higher
  6. Love is All
  7. Silence
  8. Where Your Heart Goes
  9. Help Me Out
  10. How Could I Be Wrong

About Matt Hectorne

Matt Hectorne is a Memphis-born and Mississippi-bred singer-songwriter. He had been in a number of bands with a wide range of musical styles before working on his solo project. Over the past five years he has released several EPs and one LP including Honeysuckle (2017) and Days While Away (2015). He also released Show Your Love (2013) and Your Light My Dark (2012) under the band name Matt Hectorne & The Family Tree. Hectorne has been featured in The Wild Honey Pie and is set to release his latest album early next year.

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