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Marian Call to Release Third Studio Album, Something Fierce November 13

Marian Call's music has a way of getting its claws in you.  Her joyful triple rhymes about Jane Austen, telephone tech support, spaceships, and sea urchins have earned her a fanbase of thousands across the U.S. and around the world.  Call's new double album Something Fierce will arrive on November 13th already endorsed by those fans -- they funded the record's production entirely.

"I'm proud to share it because it was made possible by my friends, my family, and my fans -- we all sing together on the first track," Call says ofthe new album, which a fan aptly described as "acoustic joy jazz."

The first volume of Something Fierce, "Good Luck With That," is a treatise on life, love, and awkwardness;  the second volume, "From Alaska," explores isolation, empowerment, and the weight of opportunity in Call's adopted home.  

Marian Call pairs folk pop and jazz with classical and gospel influences.  Her songs are funny and light on their feet one moment -- as on the Muppety sing-along of "Good Morning Moon" -- then tragic and achingly honest the next, like the country ballad cry of "All New (Heart Shut Tight)." Though her songs span many genres, they spring from the same grounded voice, and as a collection they form an eclectic, warm, wonderfully listenable album bound together by powerful songwriting.

Call's work is half study and calculation, half improvisational instinct, full of unexpected musical twists and turns.  She studied composition at Stanford and cites among her influences Joni Mitchell and Dr. Seuss;  her work evokes comparisons to contemporary artists Regina Spektor and Ingrid Michaelson.  

As on a motion picture soundtrack, a strong sense of setting and narrative carries the music of Something Fierce.  It was partially written and recorded during Call's eight-month fan-powered tour of all fifty United States and Canada.  Something Fierce roams from the Yukon to New Orleans, from Concord to Joshua Tree;  it stands in the gaps between hope and failure, effort and success. She sweeps the length of the continent in a gale of rhymes, but Marian Call's voice always returns to a clear ringing melody and magnetic North.

Something Fierce Track Listing:

  1. Good Morning Moon
  2. The Avocado Song
  3. Dear Mister Darcy
  4. All New (Heart Shut Tight)
  5. Free Bird
  6. Temporal Dominoes
  7. Highway Five
  8. Press or Say Three (Your Call is Important to Us)
  9. Ina Flew the Coop
  10. Whistle While You Wait
  11. Early Is as Early Does
  12. I Wish I Were a Real Alaskan Girl
  13. The Underground (One Bird at a Time)
  14. Coffee by Numbers (Faon's Song)
  15. Equinox
  16. E.S.B.
  17. Perilous Road
  18. Aurora Borealis
  19. Anchorage

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