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Marian Call Releases Wake Up Song for Astronauts "Good Morning Moon" mp3 Available Now

Attention astronauts, Alaskans, and night-shift workers: your wake-up call is here.  Commissioned by one of her fans, Marian Call's "Good Morning Moon" was written as a sort of alarm clock for astronauts on the space shuttle.  But according to Call, this cheery song is for anyone who has to wake up "when it's dark and cold and the sun's not doing what it's supposed to."

Featuring fans, family, and friends singing the chorus, "Good Morning Moon", has a slightly Muppety feel and serious sing-along potential. The song can be found on Marian Call's upcoming fan-funded album, Something Fierce, due out November 13.

Something Fierce is Marian Call's fan funded, two-disc studio album. Like a great movie soundtrack, there's something for everyone on Call's third studio release - from the cheery sing-along of "Good Morning Moon" to the tragic country ballad feel of "All New (Heart Shut Tight)" to the humorous, tongue in cheek lament "I Wish I Were A Real Alaskan Girl," Something Fierce is held together by Call's impeccable composition, her flexible voice, and dedication to her craft.

Marian Call is a Stanford-trained composer and a spunky self-taught lyricist based in Alaska.  Her songs are eclectic and diverse, funny and light on their feet, powerfully honest, and grounded in the human experience.  Call's compositions are half study and calculation, half improvisational instinct, and always full of unexpected musical twists and turns.  She has written pieces by commission for film projects and events, and she has been known to write songs on dares or to surprise devoted fans. 
Her live shows have been loudly applauded nationwide in homes, quiet coffee shops, noisy bars, churches, radio stations, bookstores, and concert halls, in all fifty United States and across Canada.  Marian released her first two albums (plus fourteen singles) in only fourteen months during 2007 and 2008, and her new project, Something Fierce, has been several thoughtful years in the making.

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