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Magnet's MP3 at 3PM Shares The Valery Trails "Starsong"

“Starsong” is one of those songs that two people can listen to, yet interpret and understand differently. Perhaps in this song’s case that’s because songwriter, Andrew Bower doesn’t quite know either. The song was originally written almost 20 years ago and has since been revised and refurbished; maintaining somewhat of its 90s sound with new, more sophisticated developments that is The Valery Trails. A work from another decade and time, “Starsong” represents the naivety that was once a part of us all, combined with the reality that time doesn’t stand still, but if you do it right, a song might. 

Take a look here at the link:

The Valery Trails’ Inter-Continental Collaboration Continues with the second album Buffalo Speedway, due out April 29, 2014. Now they are back at it again, but this time composing songs not only from two different continents, but also some from two different decades. Producer Tim Steward (from legendary Brisbane band Screamfeeder) was engaged to help whip the songs into shape, and this more traditional approach than the debut album with more time spent with the whole band together in one room is reflected in Buffalo Speedway’s vibrant energy and cohesiveness.  After returning to the US, Andrew travelled to Brooklyn to mix the album with Bryce Goggin (Pavement, Sebadoh, Spacehog), and the album was also mastered for digital and vinyl in Brooklyn by Joe Lambert (Local Natives, Animal Collective, Deerhunter and many more).  Songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist, Andrew Bower, combined with bassist, Sean Bower, and Dan McNautly on the drums and percussions, have crafted an album that evokes nostalgia and maybe even the memory of themselves as the less-experienced, naive musicians they were once upon a time before The Valery Trails came to life. The songs themselves are sure to stimulate a piece of memory, whether it’s for the lyrics or the music, or simply or simply because of the fact that the Valery Trails managed to conjure themselves into existence after all these years.


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