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Mackenzie Shivers Releases New Folk Rock Single, “Tell Me to Run”

With a whimsical, driving piano as its backbone, and a ghost-story of an introduction, Mackenzie Shivers releases the second single, “Tell Me to Run,” off of her EP, Living in My Head, due out September 2. The song was inspired by living in New York for eight years, yet having ties to other places that were once home.

“Tell Me to Run” begins in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village right outside of NYU. The park, which used to be a graveyard, is where the first line draws its inspiration. Shivers says, “I had this image of all these ghosts who are wandering New York City, and they become a part of our lives. They’re a part of the city’s history.” Combining bright harmonies with a classic Hammond organ, “Tell Me to Run” talks about the constant struggle that many people have with the past - whether or not to connect with it or run away forever. The ghosts of the city warn not to make the same mistakes that they did.

About Mackenzie Shivers

Mackenzie Shivers started writing music when she was four years old and started piano lessons when she was five. She received a degree in music composition from the Blair School of Music, while studying piano, voice, and orchestration. She released her first album Neverland in 2014, and while playing in a handful of other New York based bands, is ready for her sophomore release, Living in My Head. She has been featured in blogs like The Deli Magazine and Ear To The Ground.

Tour Dates

09/11/16 Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2, New York, NY

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