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Mackenzie Shivers Announces September 2 'Living in My Head' EP Release

Mackenzie Shivers’ Celtic soul couples with piano-driven folk on Living in My Head, her new EP due out Sept 2. Inspired greatly by living in New York for the better portion of the past decade, the EP balances a dichotomy between past and present, a yin and a yang. The joys and struggles of the city mix with a life-long musician’s journey, a new marriage, and long subway rides full of lyrical possibility. The first single, “Lily-Rose” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

The EP plays with the idea of each song, or rather story, taking place inside the imagination of a narrator. “Lily-Rose,” a folk anthem about an independent woman who does not return the narrator's affections, is an Irish ballad with a modern twist. The rolling drums drive the Gaelic rhythm of the the song, as an earthy acoustic guitar meets a dancing staccato piano piece. “Lily-Rose” feels like a traditional folk song, with a contemporary love story that in itself can be considered timeless. Just as the wild flowers of the green Irish hills grow wild and free, Lily-Rose just wants to find her own independence.

The spirit of Shivers' Irish heritage floats throughout the EP and touches each song in an almost atmospheric way. The piano paints rich backdrops on those like “Disco’s Dead,” a commentary on the supposed death of New York City. Living in My Head is a dynamic mixture building on classical folk elements. “This River” relies only on a rolling Irish drum beat, and a seamless blend of harmonies, while “Names” finds a more delicate and airy reach of Shivers’ songwriting. Each song builds on those Irish roots while maintaining its own identity.

Living in My Head Track Listing

  1. This River
  2. Lily-Rose
  3. Disco’s Dead
  4. Names
  5. Tell Me to Run
  6. Living in My Head

About Mackenzie Shivers

Mackenzie Shivers started writing music when she was four years old and started piano lessons when she was five. She received a degree in music composition from the Blair School of Music, while studying piano, voice, and orchestration. She released her first album Neverland in 2014, and while playing in a handful of other New York based bands, is ready for her sophomore release, Living in My Head. She has been featured in blogs like The Deli Magazine and Ear To The Ground.

Tour Dates

09/11/16 Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2, New York, NY

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