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Leafy Seadragon Announces Single, "Disagree to Disagree"

The new single from duo Leafy Seadragon conjures a 70s AM radio vibe and propels it into today’s political and interpersonal climate. “Disagree to Disagree” is a throwback that’s a throw-forward, reminiscent of turning on a transistor radio in 1977, but with the soul of 2018 polarizing in its grooves. The single is bursting with layers of shimmering vocal harmonies, a bright bass line, and dripping pools of synthesizer. It is the band’s debut single, out via Mystery Lawn Music.

Allen Clapp and Alison Faith Levy, the creative minds behind Leafy Seadragon, wrote “Disagree to Disagree” to explore misunderstandings between people, the futility of holding grudges, and the experience of loving someone so deeply that you’re willing to continue fighting just so you can be together. The cheery melodies and gigantic hooks couple with a strong social undertone. Clapp explains, “When considering the timing of this single, we couldn’t help but see a parallel to our country’s current political climate, where everyone is arguing each other down, leading with our differences, and fleeing the middle ground.” Levy adds: “It’s as if the entire country were like the couple in this song — they need and want so desperately to stay together, they love each other, yet they just can’t stop arguing and misunderstanding each other’s core intent. We can’t even agree to disagree anymore.”

About Leafy Seadragon

Leafy Seadragon is Allen Clapp and Alison Faith Levy. The duo have been mainstays of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene since the 1990s. Levy was a member of cult-fave indie band The Loud Family, the psychedelic rock band for kids The Sippy Cups, and Americana duo McCabe & Mrs. Miller with Victor Krummenacher of Camper Van Beethoven. Clapp is the founder, lead singer and songwriter of NoCal pop darlings The Orange Peels, and the founder of Mystery Lawn Music, an independent record label and recording studio based in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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