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Kyle Adem's Second Single, "Armour", Is Out Now!

"Despite Adem's own search for meaning, he writes songs to resonate, move and connect with others. With Armour he has succeeded on all counts."

-The Mad Mackerel

Kyle Adem's second single, "Armour", off the album of the same name, plays to the juxtaposition of the simple children's melody while resting comfortably amongst dark, intense subject matter. The hymn-like tune is available for free download now. Adem's album armour. will be released Jul. 24 through Ghost Motel Records.  Download "Armour" now! 

"Armour" is just one of the nine tracks on armour dealing with becoming an adult and discovering what it means to exist. Between his bouts of depression and religious confusion, Adem finds comfort in delving into topics such as prostitutes and ghosts. Adem says, "The album sort of catalogues a journey of mine through a few different religions in a pretty desperate search for meaning that comes to a haphazard conclusion: nobody knows and that is beautiful." The current album, armour. deals a lot with human existence: love, hope, and suffering specifically. Adem says, "When I write songs, I am trying to communicate something. The arrangement, the song structure, the lyrics, the melody, even the production -- all of it has to tell a story in unison."

Kyle Adem is a tireless storyteller with a whole lot of questions. While he may not have all the answers, it doesn't stop him from tenaciously searching. After putting six studio albums and his old moniker, "4:thirtyseven", behind him, his upcoming record, armour., is the result. Drawing from diverse legends like Johnny Cash and Lou Reed, as well as modern indie rockers The Mountain Goats, Adem marries his own blend of orchestral and reflective folk, with a punk edginess.

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