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Kyle Adem's New Album, armour., Due Out July 24th

"Adem's music reflects the realities of a young  man searching for his place in our world and an understanding of the deeper mysteries surrounding existence. Words about love, life and the inner struggles each person must face blend soulfully around harmonies bursting from fingers firing  across waiting strings."  

--Question Everything

Kyle Adem’s upcoming album, armour., is a coming of age story. In these nine tracks, Adem explores all the attendant tumult of reaching a new stage of life with a voice reminiscent of Conor Oberst, sumptuous arrangements with unusual instruments, and a combination of confessional lyrics and punk fierceness. But unlike your average coming of age tale, armour. comes to the conclusion that uncertainty is the only sure thing. The album will be released on Ghost Motel Records on Jul. 24

“This is a piece of work that pushes the listener hard into the baptismal waters and holds them underneath until the very end with the humble request to get up out of the water and lower their defenses because everyone here drinks from the same cup: uncertainty,” says Adem of armour. It’s no surprise that the songwriter uses religious imagery -- much of the material for the album was inspired by his struggle with, and eventual break from religion. “armour. deals a lot with human existence: love, hope, and suffering specifically. It catalogues a journey of mine through a few different religions in a pretty desperate search for meaning,” Adem explains. “At some point, I came to a haphazard conclusion: nobody knows, and that is beautiful.”

The delicately played “I’ll Get Back to You” encourages the listener to find truth, and Adem’s promise to seek it as well. Another track, "Brother, Follow", is dramatic in its instrumentation; hammer dulcimer, stomping percussion, as well as its lyrics, sung with a punk's outraged power and a clear-eyed critical look at the way we're told to see the world. The album closes with the delicate piano and string driven confession, “Brothers We Grow”. Adem echoes words simple enough to summarize his experience. As the song builds and closes, he comes back to the album’s central theme, singing,  “If we’re honest, we know nothing, no one wants to be alone.”

Kyle Adem is a tireless storyteller with a whole lot of questions. While he may not have all the answers, it doesn’t stop him from tenaciously searching. After putting six studio albums and his old moniker, “4:thirtyseven”, behind him, his upcoming record, armour., is the result. Drawing from diverse legends like Johnny Cash and Freddie Mercury, as well as modern indie rockers The Mountain Goats, Adem marries his own blend of orchestral and reflective folk, with a punk edginess.

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