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Known to Collapse Announces January Album Release

Photo Credit: Martin Yernazian

The upcoming release from Known To Collapse, Transport Paradise, combines 90s lo-fi
indie rock with elements of psych pop
. Jangly, ethereal guitars sway back and forth between deep powerful piano and a breezy, coastal vocal melody. The album is due out on January 20 on Green Chair Music Ltd. The first single “What Is Said” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.


Transport Paradise is more than just a title, it becomes a theme for the cross-country journey. Listeners begin on the beaches of California with the surfy vibes of “Circles Of Time” and travel north to the woodsy sounds of “Portland Nights.” The streets of SoHo and Brooklyn bars ride the psychedelic pavement in “Circulated Underground” while taking brief pause on the palate-cleansing instrumental “Rigid.” Known To Collapse provides a mix of experience and locational influence that finds a home on each song.

Much like the rest of the album, “What Is Said,” has a message of wide-eyed exploration. Known To Collapse is the musical creation of Kevin Lehner. An audio engineer by trade originally from Birmingham, AL, he traveled from coast to coast before settling in the Bay Area. The ambient drone of guitars move like a chime in the wind, surrounded by a chorus of voices.

Transport Paradise Track Listing

  1. What Is Said
  2. Circulated Undercover Ground
  3. Rigid
  4. Circles Of Time
  5. All Over Again
  6. Black To The Blues
  7. True To Your Game
  8. Portland Nights
  9. When Others Don’t
  10. You Will Always Find A Light

About Known To Collapse

Known To Collapse is the musical brainchild of Bay Area musician and audio engineer Kevin Lehner. Since starting the band in 2013, he has added Kabir Kumar (bass, vocals) and Michael Mays (drums) to the line-up. The band’s debut EP, Collectives, released in 2013, was nominated as one of the 10 Best Albums of 2014 by The Deli SF. Known To Collapse has also been nominated as artist of the month by The Deli SF. Their upcoming album, Transport Paradise, is due out on January 20 on Green Chair Music Ltd.

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