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kayln rock Releases "Alex the Great" mp3

Photo by Reid Elem (kayln rock)"I'm only looking for someone to love". A sentiment that has fueled classics from Shakespeare to Queen, kayln rock's cinematic folk tune "Alex The Great", from her upcoming album Passenger, does just that. The passion in rock's voice has been compared to Florence + The Machine while the gentle fragility draws comparisons to Laura Gibson. As she paints the picture of a contemplating romance, the music subconsciously convinces that it just might happen. 

Download "Alex the Great" now. 

rock began writing "Alex The Great" two weeks after she lost her car in an accident. "I really immersed myself in a lot of positive literature at that time to try to keep my mind in a good place, since losing my car was like a sudden break up of a fantastic long term relationship."
rock drew inspiration from her love life and a close friend's mutual misadventures, while at the time trying to stay positive. She says, "I don't think I would have been able to have written the lyrics to the bridge that I did. They are almost like an advice column that everything is going to be okay, even if I wasn't in the same place yet trying to convince myself of the same thing."


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