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kayln rock on MAGNET's Film at 11

MAGNET is the latest to showcase kayln rock's debut album, with her video for "Alex the Great" on Film at 11. You can read the whole story and watch the video for "Alex the Great" here!

kayln rock’s songs come straight from her soul. Although she’s been writing and performing for less than five years, the songs she sings have the depth and polish of a life-long performer. She can charm you with a whimsical ode like, “Peanut Butter Jam,” a tune that hides its vulnerability behind a façade of ironic humor or break your heart with the painful honesty of “Valentine,” a song so full of longing that it’s almost hard to listen to. “I like being around people and don’t take myself too seriously”, rock says. “But, I also like being alone to explore my deeper emotions. I want to create songs that are serious and substantial.”

Passenger is available through iTunes and other online vendors starting in January of 2012. The album will also be for sale her website Fans can also check out her out on Twitter, Facebook andYouTube, and read up on the day-to-day happenings of a 25-year-old hopeful romantic that writes songs and plays shows.

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