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Katie Rose Releases Soul Searching Single, “Feel”

The pain and frustration of feeling misunderstood resonates like a drum beating over and over in the back of the head. Sometimes taking a risk is the strongest way to make a statement, and that’s exactly what Charleston singer-songwriter Katie Rose does on her latest single, “Feel.” The song is off of her debut EP, Everything Yesterday, due out on August 19. Fiery and unapologetic, “Feel” grooves with a heart-thumping hip-hop backbone and an electronic keyboard that accompany Rose’s prominent testament.


A variation in style from the rest of the EP, Rose wrote the song with a different perspective in mind. She says, “It’s so different from anything I’ve written that it almost scares me. ‘Feel’ is about being afraid of brand new territory, including sexuality - when you realize that maybe you aren’t just like everyone else.” Rose cuts the ties from her past and transitions into her own with powerful lyrics like “Can’t feel a Goddamn thing, I’m being ripped apart at the seams. Hung upside down and shaken all around, but still so numb.”

These anxious feelings of angst and desperation could fit snugly into a scene of Showtime’s Shameless. Each character can attest to the sense of soul-searching that Rose was experiencing while writing “Feel,” as if the song was an anthem for each of their individual trials and struggles. Matt Zutell and Aaron Utterback from Human Resources produced this song along with Eric Rickert.

About Katie Rose

Katie Rose began writing and performing music at a young age. Now seventeen, she’s already been writing music and performing on stage for most of her life. Featuring Rodney Liles Jr. (drums), Andrew Chalk (guitar), and Patrick Burns (bass), the group is set to release her debut EP, Everything Yesterday, due out August 18. Jay Clifford (Jump Little Children) appears on strings on the song, “Wonder.”

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