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Katie Rose Announces August 18 Everything Yesterday EP Release

A young girl sits down at the piano, bearing her soul to anyone that will listen. It’s been awhile since her fingers danced around the ivory keys, gently agitating the settled dust. Seventeen year old Charleston singer and songwriter, Katie Rose, announces her debut pop EP, Everything Yesterday, due out August 18. Delicate and honest, the EP is the answer to the questions and new emotions everybody faces at one point in their life. The first single, “Wonder” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.“Wonder” finds the bright and airy duality between a pop ballad and a warm, genuine moment of catharsis. Rose says, “It’s the first song I wrote back on the piano when I was home alone. All the feelings I had were too much for me, so I sat down and I played for everything I was feeling. I played about losing a friend, growing up, and about how scared I was of failing.” It’s a slow and comforting stroll through the pages of youth, and the book of human experience.

Everything Yesterday is a message to Rose’s generation. It’s about finding strength, wherever that may come from, because that’s an important stepping stone in life. The EP weaves in and out of pop styles, while finding the common thread of Rose’s radiant voice. Songs like “Castle” stay true to the storytelling of her ballads, while others like “Everything Yesterday” become a much more bombastic pop single. There’s even a hint of jazz in “Druzie (Along For The Ride)”, where a more soulful component of her vocals shine through. Rose is truly passionate about her craft, and that becomes evident with each subsequent track.

Everything Yesterday Track Listing

  1. Everything Yesterday
  2. Wonder
  3. Goodbye Song
  4. Castle
  5. Take Me Away
  6. Feel
  7. Druzie (Along For The Ride)

About Katie Rose
Katie Rose began writing and performing music at a young age. Now seventeen, she’s already been writing music and performing on stage for most of her life. Featuring Rodney Liles Jr. (drums), Andrew Chalk (guitar), and Patrick Burns (bass), the group is set to release her debut EP, Everything Yesterday, due out August 18. Jay Clifford (Jump Little Children) appears on strings on the song, “Wonder.”

Tour Dates

09/18/16 James Island County Park Charleston, SC

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