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Jonas Martin Announces August 26 The Color Scheme Album Release

The bond between father and son is arguably one of the most important there is in life. Adding love and devotion to music on top of that is downright sacred. Written as a tribute to his father’s passing and legacy, Dallas musician Jonas Martin announces the blues rock album, The Color Scheme, due out on August 26. Lyrically driven and classic songwriting techniques combine with a modern and, at times, psychedelic twist on his sixth release. The first single, “Wannabe” is available as an approved downloadable mp3. Jonas Martin will appear at Summerfest on July 1.

Martin wanted to do something special to pay homage to his father, a modern-day Renaissance man by any modern-day standards. Growing up in a house full of music, Martin was no stranger to great musicians, but it wasn’t until his teenage years where he truly discovered the music many would consider quintessential. After discovering The Beatles, he recalls solidifying a new deep bond with his father, saying:

“Finally being able to share his knowledge of the history of rock with a starry-eyed son was a huge deal for him. And it definitely didn’t stop at The Beatles. We would talk about music constantly and he got me into everything from Jethro Tull to Prince. He started telling me stories about ‘playing hippie’ (as he called it) in the 60s and 70s: Smoking grass for the first time at a Zeppelin concert. Driving a stranger that he met at a $3 Rolling Stones concert from Dallas to L.A. just because the guy asked. His mom dropping him off at the highway so he could hitchhike to San Francisco when he was 17. Subsequently living on a commune in San Jose. Hanging out backstage with the 13th Floor Elevators. Playing volleyball with with The Eagles! So to me, music became equal to love and adventure.”

It’s those equal parts of love and adventure that became the spark of several albums, and a young man’s future. The Color Scheme draws on heavy influences across the past six decades, including a satirical 1950s pop-inspired single “Wannabe.” The song may begin with a bright doo-wop piano, but it quickly crosses a deep, synth bass line and acoustic guitar, wandering in from off the beaten path. The narrator’s inviting words hide a sexually devious plot to snare the trust of an unsuspecting woman. The album builds on Martin’s copious influences and settles nicely in somewhere between blues rock and neo-psychedelia. Already released as a musical appetizer, “Let Them Drown” is an eclectic melting pot that has already garnered the attention of mtvU. Enter the mind of Martin to find a harmonious mix of style and sound, all neatly wrapped and ready to open.

The Color Scheme Track Listing

  1. Life-Obsessed
  2. Because Love
  3. Another Rerun
  4. Design A Better Yesterday
  5. Last Night I Had A Dream
  6. Wannabe
  7. Let Them Drown
  8. Middle Man (The Fall)
  9. Dumbstruck AF
  10. Just Like My Dad
  11. Dear Mom
  12. In A Pool Of Light

About Jonas Martin

Jonas Martin has been writing and performing since he was a young man. Now focusing on his solo project and following the release of Chokecherry Jam (2015) he is set to to release his sophomore album The Color Scheme. It features the song “Let Them Drown” which won mtvU’s The Freshmen contest in the music video category, and still receives rotation. He was also the grand prize winner in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for his song “Wake Up.” Martin will be performing at Summerfest in Milwaukee this year where Paul McCartney is headlining.

Tour Dates

07/01/16 Summerfest Milwaukee, WI

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