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Jess Clinton Announces Single, "The Runaway"

“The Runaway”, the new single from Brooklyn singer-songwriter, Jess Clinton, stirs up a sultry but sweet premonition of wanderlust. The single’s introspective lyrics explore of the duality of escapism, both emotionally and physically. Deep ripples of guitar resonate in a pool of sweltering rhythm while cool, vintage-style organ rides the waves of each soulful groove. “The Runaway” is off of her upcoming album, Real Glass Heart, and is out for release May 13.



“The Runway” serves up themes that are recurring in Clinton’s body of work. Themes of nature and intense desire to travel, mixed with psychological tactics of running away from life’s distractions, the single captures wanderlust from multiple lenses. As the heaviness of the world begins to fold in like blinders over the eyes, Clinton charges forth with raw rhythm and determination to find lightness in the dark haze. Sleek electric guitar sails over rattling drums, the layers unfolding to reveal a smooth, bluesy surface. The enticing groove tempts the human urge to simply drop everything and run.


Real Glass Heart, the upcoming album from Jess Clinton, embraces the human experience with imagery that is ironically articulate. Encompassing poetic contradictions, the album title alone intrigues the inner psyche to dive deeper, to reflect on one’s personal oxymorons. With Real Glass Heart, Clinton isn’t afraid to call out the paradox of being human. A heart can be fragile or strong, depending on how it is wrought, and Real Glass Heart explores the resources one takes to protect their own vessel. Themes of depression, nature, and heartbreak yearn for a place of solitude within the album. Songs like, “The Runaway” ache for physical and emotional escape, while the title track, “Real Glass Heart”, remind a broken heart that everything will simply be okay. With her “choose your own adventure” approach on songwriting, Clinton’s parallel narratives are as transparent as glass, yet anyone can see their own reflection within each song.


Real Glass Heart Track Listing

  1. The Runaway
  2. Tongue Tied
  3. Long Stem Roses
  4. Make It
  5. Old Neon Sign
  6. Real Glass Heart
  7. Hover
  8. Intermède
  9. Sleeping Woman
  10. Control


About Jess Clinton

Jess Clinton grew up in Los Angeles with an upbringing steeped in the entertainment industry. A child to her mother actress and film composer father, some of her earliest memories include toddling around her father’s home recording studio, singing into the microphone at age three. Clinton attended the Gallatin School of Individualized Study in NYU, where she concentrated in Songwriting and Folk Musicology. From there, she went on to release music as a solo artist and with New York band, Bellehouse. Her first EP, Bare, Bare Bones (2009), was recorded at The Rainbow Garage in Woodland Hills, California, and her next EP, A Few for the Road (2012), was recorded at Clive Davis NYU and Braund Sound in New York City. Clinton then joined Bellehouse and wrote their self-titled EP and first recorded project as a band in 2015. Bellehouse released Capsized, a collaborative 10-song album, in 2017. Having been a part of an eclectic musical community in New York, Clinton is ready to release her upcoming album, Real Glass Heart. Her arsenal of skills for songwriting and acoustic and electric guitar come out on Real Glass Heart, which is out July 2019.




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