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Jenee Halstead Releases Delicate Yet Triumphant New Single “Raised by Wolves” Available for Download Now

Writing a song about something as emotional as abuse can be a delicate matter. With her latest single, “Raised by Wolves”, singer/songwriter Jenee Halstead not only avoids triteness and the pitfalls of the subject matter, but creates a song that is at once vulnerable and triumphant. Halstead’s soprano is deeply affecting, and the sparse soundscape created by echoing rhythmic clicks, a hypnotic ukulele, and dreamy synths provides a gorgeous background for that voice to work its way into the listener’s heart and mind. The song is the title track from Halstead’s forthcoming third release, Raised by Wolves, which is due out August 13. Download “Raised by Wolves” now!

With creative abandon, Raised By Wolves slams an old beat box into surf guitars, banjo, and ukulele; mixing a chorus of tenor guitars, handclaps, and synth bass. Drawing on influences like PJ Harvey and Kate Bush, multi-instrumentalist/producer Brubaker (Rachel Harrington & The Knockouts, Edie Carey) empties the musical space, giving all the attention to Halstead’s extraordinary voice. The twisted banjo of Danny Barnes, sly drumming of Joel Litwin, and nearly unrecognizable Dobro of Colby Sander help Raised By Wolves create a re-invigorated Dark Pop/Americana that surrounds Halstead’s vocals with a variety of surprises.

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