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Jason Tyler Burton Announces Single, "Date Night at the Dairy Queen"

“Date Night at the Dairy Queen”, the new single from Americana artist Jason Tyler Burton, examines the cognitive dissonance of rural America in a lighthearted way. The single’s tongue in cheek lyrics are both staggering and relatable. Burton provides a social commentary on the irony of people in a small town who are unhappy with life, yet don’t want it to change. The down-tempo waltz combined with dancing fiddle and piano captures both pride and despair. “Date Night at the Dairy Queen” is the second single off the upcoming album, Kentuckian, and is out for release July 22.

“Date Night at the Dairy Queen” shifts between comedy and tragedy with John Prine inspired sentiment. Burton describes the lyrics as “simple and poignant”, with every line having a counterpoint to itself. It captures the contradicting mind frame of someone who feels stuck in their town but loves it at the same time. Burton sings, “In this town you’ve never heard of, you can’t get any further from free. But it’s where I come from, and you’re not going to take that from me.”

The easeful rhythm moves like a classic Americana ballroom sway. Burton’s rugged croon narrates the lives of those stuck in dead-end jobs and people who live on disability checks, government assistance and welfare, yet decry big government. The juxtaposition of the steady melody and punchy lyrics greater symbolize the message about rural America that is being unveiled.

Kentuckian, the upcoming album from Jason Tyler Burton, narrows in on the complexities and nuances of Appalachian, rural life. People whose stories go untold or are misunderstood have a place of significance on Kentuckian, including stories of Burton’s own life that he collected while spending his formative years there. The name of the album represents how Burton identifies as a Kentuckian. Despite not being a born native of the state, he found most of himself there, and it is his most personal album to date. The characters in many of the songs on the album are unashamedly Kentuckians, and their pride is evident. In songs like “Easy For Me,” “High Road to Harlan,” and “Date Night at the Dairy Queen,” he chronicles their rural lives in a way that breaks down the stereotypes and cliches that are presented in books, on the news, or the endless stream of pop country songs coming out of Nashville. The name, Kentuckian, also represents Burton’s struggle with his roots in Kentucky. It will always be a place he calls home, and yet there are so many things about it and its peoples that frustrate him. The album digs into that juxtaposition but also has allowed Burton to claim who he is and not run from it - like a true Kentuckian.


Kentuckian Track Listing

  1. High Road to Harlan
  2. Date Night at the Dairy Queen
  3. Fires of ‘88
  4. Easy for Me
  5. Hillbilly’s Lament
  6. Southbound
  7. A New Colossus
  8. Kentucky
  9. The Mayor
  10. Down Home

About Jason Tyler Burton:

Jason Tyler Burton is an Americana musician who was born in Michigan, grew up in Kentucky in the Appalachian foothills, and now lives in Wyoming at the base of the Wind River Range. He has come to embrace life as an outsider which seeps into his musical passions. His most recent albums, Headwaters (2014), and Lost Behind the Ranges (2017) are filled with songs that are amalgamations of stories gathered through his years on the road, traveling, working, and playing with bands such as the Union City All-Stars and 6 Foot 2. The faith in his home state has him working to articulate the stories of a people who take tremendous pride in where they are from and digging into the complexities of rural life in modern America in a way that is neither vilifying or glorifying. The result is his upcoming album, Kentuckian. Burton is set to play Red Ants Pants Music Festival in Montana the summer of 2019. Kentuckian is out for release in September.




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