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Jared Saltiel Announces February 2 Album Release

The upcoming album from singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist Jared Saltiel, Out Of Clay, is a lush garden of sculpted sounds and expansive themes drawing from mythology, divination, and mystical traditions. It is the voice of an unconscious psyche articulating the “self” and tapping into universal symbols. The album, recorded at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, is due out February 2. The first single, “Wayward Queen”, is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

“Wayward Queen” is a love song to an abstraction, evoking the image of a knight who pledges himself to his monarch. The sovereign of the title may be a romantic ideal, or some sort of long-lost Goddess, but the devotion to this glorified feminine figure supersedes all other romantic possibilities. The song’s real-world love interest appears almost as an afterthought. Written in the decadent Pere Lachaise cemetery of Paris, “Wayward Queen” employs an old world sensibility, as the bittersweet melody wanders through an impressionistic landscape colored by melancholic strings and layered mandolin. Crashing drums and guitar lift the song to its apex, giving its philosophical romanticism an anthemic quality.

With Out of Clay, the second installment in a series of concept albums, Saltiel delivers a collection of story-songs about love, idealization and disillusionment. The music draws from far-flung influences — the reconstructed classical aesthetics of Rufus Wainwright, the medieval flourishes of Joanna Newsom, the dense, jazz-inflected harmony of Brazilian pop’s golden era, and the spacey grandiosity of classic Britpop. Saltiel’s intricate classical guitar and expressive vocals are adorned by an elaborate tapestry of instrumentation which features strings, woodwinds, harp, mandolin, french horn and a trio of women’s voices.

Out Of Clay Track Listing

  1. The Fountain
  2. The Gift
  3. Blanchefleur
  4. Dreamcatcher
  5. Wayward Queen
  6. Galatea
  7. Little Black Cat
  8. Blood In the Snow
  9. Black Cauldron
  10. Capricorn
  11. Lady of Clay
  12. The Tower

About Jared Saltiel

Jared Saltiel is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn, NY. As lead singer and songwriter of Ann Arbor pop/rock quartet the Dirty Birds, he released his debut album How the Cause Became the Cure in 2009. After moving to New York, Saltiel released a series of EPs, which were expanded into the full-length album The Light Within (2013). As a producer and arranger, he has worked with a variety of musicians, including Bell the Band, Cassidy Andrews, and his brother Jason Saltiel. His upcoming album Out Of Clay was recorded at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn. It is the second chapter in a four-part concept series called Caught Beneath the Wheel.

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