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Japandroids' "The House that Heaven Built" Gets the Anabot Treatment - Free MP3 Available Now

Anabot's cover of the rousing Japandroids song "The House That Heaven Built," gets down to the essence of the song, both emotionally and melodically. Scaling back the noise, but keeping the intensity while showcasing Analise Nelson's powerful voice. This version does what every good cover should; give the listener a new take on a song they love. "The House that Heaven Built", with a fierce defense of even a lost love is more than appropriate for a feminine interpretation, and Anabot does this with all the rebel-yell passion in place, though restrained deliciously behind the girl group background vocals. This makes the song's chorus, "And if they try to slow you down/Tell 'em all to go to hell" that much more air-punch worthy. Download "The House that Heaven Built" now!

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