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James Rose Announces Single, "Simplicity"

“Simplicity”, the new single from Los Angeles musician James Rose, shimmers with refreshing gleams of psychedelic folk in a sun-soaked trance. His mellow California roots echo within each sonically orchestrated flow. “Simplicity” takes a deep breath of life and breathes out a revitalizing air-clearing exhale from the mind like a wave washing the coastal shore clean. “Simplicity” is out for release June 3, 2019.



Having lived in New Orleans, the UK, and Los Angeles, James Rose draws inspiration from the music scene in each place he has called home. Each city has laid its vibrant cultural and musical tapestries along the paths of Rose’s own creative journey. His newest single, “Simplicity” acts as a mantra for inner peace and clarity as breezy melodies dance through warm, West Coast haze. While lyrically the single sets a soothing tone to live peacefully, its musical breakdowns flourish as each delicate layer breaks free, paying homage to the song’s meaning to push through the barriers of fear and discomfort. “Simplicity” basks in the sunlight of each new day and injects the solar energy straight to the soul.


About James Rose

James Rose is a psych folk singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Rose was named The Deli LA’s “Artist of the Month” in June 2018. He released his debut EP, Odd Hours for Dreaming, in 2012 and “Sun Rays/Breathe” in 2015. In 2016, he released his lo-fi EP, Echo of the Everyday, recorded in the transition of moving from New Orleans to Los Angeles, followed by a 2018 EP, Lullabies to the Ocean. After recent stints performing in the U.K. and New Orleans, Rose will be touring this summer in support of his latest single “Simplicity,” cut at 64 Sound in Rose’s native Los Angeles.

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