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James Rose Announces Single, “Lullabies to the Ocean”

Named The Deli LA’s “Artist of the Month”, James Rose, releases his new indie folk single from the upcoming EP, Lullabies to the Ocean (due out July 27). The title-track is a love song from a translucent moon to the ocean below. “Lullabies to the Ocean” moves and sways with a rambunctious stagger, echoing the ebb and flow of the sea. With a drunken slide guitar, warm jazzy bass line, and Rose’s tender vocals, the song gently rocks back and forth between the two celestial lovers.

Forever in view yet perpetually out of reach, “Lullabies to the Ocean” captures a longing that is frozen in time. Rose wrote the song with lyrical surrealism, and punctuated each piece with a reference to this inspiration. From the chirping birds to the churn of the instrumentation, he captained the melody as if standing at the bow of a ship, listening to a conversation between old friends. Rose dives deeper into the song, explaining, “I wanted it to be wobbly and a little discombobulated because that’s how I feel out in the ocean. It’s going with the current and flow of where the ocean takes you. There’s a consistent sense of ease drifting through the beat.” Listen closely, and you just might hear the splash of the ocean as it answers the moon.

Just like the title-track, Lullabies to the Ocean is an album dedicated to the ocean. After spending ten years in New Orleans, Rose began to crave the pacific coast. Looking for an opportunity to create a consistent change for the better, he made the journey home to California. The collection of songs symbolizes a huge life change in body, mind, and spirit. It’s about overcoming self-sabotage and finding the true nature of one’s being. Rose explains, “I have always found pleasure in the romance of being a writer and constantly working on something lost in another world. I love the idea of pens and notebooks and playing with words to create unique imagery symbolizing different aspects of human behaviour. Creating the music to accompany the feeling and movement of the words is 100% pure joy and it is one of the only true personal fulfilments of my life.”

About James Rose:

James Rose is a psych folk singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Rose was named The Deli LA’s “Artist of the Month” in June 2018. He released his debut EP, Odd Hours for Dreaming, in 2012 and “Sun Rays/Breathe” in 2015. In 2016, he released his lo-fi EP, Echo of the Everyday, recorded in the transition of moving from New Orleans to Los Angeles. Rose’s new EP, Lullabies to the Ocean, is due out in July.

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